List of Most Popular and Unique Gaelic Names

The moment when a child is welcomed into the world is a very special moment for all parents. The birth of a child brings about celebration in the family and for their loved ones. One of the most important things to do after the birth of a baby is to select a name. The naming of a child is a big moment in a child’s life because the name will likely follow the baby for the rest of its life.

There are several Beautiful Gaelic Names which you could consider selecting for your baby. Gaelic names are names related to the Goidelic language of Celtic. These names are known to be very special and have years of history behind them. You will be introduced to some amazing Gaelic Male and Female Names and Meanings in this article.

For Gaelic names there are some which are more frequently used than others. Having a List of Most Popular and Unique Gaelic Names makes the process of selecting the right name for your child much easier. Some people prefer popular names for their babies while some would rather choose unique names. As long as any of those names are Gaelic however, you would have selected a wonderful name for your baby.

If you are expecting a boy and you want something of Goidelic origin, there are a lot of really Cool and Cute Gaelic Boy Names which will be worth considering. You may have heard some of the names and some of them are very rare. Some of the frequently heard Gaelic Baby Boy Names are Aidan which means “like a fire”, Brendan can be translated as “living by the beacon” while Bryant means “a hill” when translated.  The Gaelic Boy Names which you may not have heard include Ahearn which means “master of horses”, Colvin can be translated to mean “a great hero” and Argyle means “Coming from the land of Gaels”.

When it comes to selecting Gaelic Baby Girl Names just like the boy names some are more commonly used and heard than others. It all depends on the preference of the parent when selecting the name. Some Common Gaelic Girl Names for your baby are Casey which means “alert and watchful”, Delaney means “from the black river” and Fergie when translated means “vigorous”. Some of the unique Gaelic Girl Names which may catch your attention are Erin which means “from Ireland”, Malina means “follower of saint Columaba” and Athol can be translated to mean “new Irish land”.

Gaelic First and Last Names although different are both very special. Some interesting Gaelic last names are Adair which means “at the oak ford”, Culvert means “mildest of tempers” when translated and Diamond means “descendant of Diaman”.

Selecting the right name for your baby requires careful thinking and planning because a name is a person’s major identification. Having a full knowledge of Gaelic boy and girl names and meanings will make the name selection of your baby easier.